Request for Addition of LISTSERV Mailing-List


IEEE Communications Society mailing lists are used solely for the purpose of conducting IEEE Communications Society business. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Communications among active Volunteers and/or staff

  • Limited and judicious communications to IEEE Communications Society members and customers about IEEE Communications Society products, programs, and services.

Before proceeding with the list request, be sure that you know the IEEE Communications Society Policy for IEEE Communications Society mailing lists. The Policy can be found at Section 3.4 .

If you encounter any problems or have questions about IEEE Communications Society Listserv Lists, please contact .


Requester's Info


The list owner must be an IEEE Communications Society staff or member. The list owner is responsible for routine list management, which includes such tasks as adding/removing subscribers, making changes to the list header, and dealing with undeliverable list mail. After the list is set up, the owner may add co-owners by modifying the list header.
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:
Member Number:

The e-mail address entered above must match EXACTLY the "Return Address" setting in your e-mail program. If it does not match, LISTSERV will not recognize you as the list owner and will not allow you to make any changes to your list. Please check your e-mail program's "Return Address" setting and make sure you enter exactly the same thing above for the list owner's address.


The name you provide will be part of the e-mail address list members will use to interact with the list. It should be long enough to be meaningful but short enough to be easy to remember and type. A good rule-of-thumb is 6 to 15 characters. List names may only consist of alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) and the special characters dash (-) and underscore ( _ ). List names also must be unique on the COMSOC.ORG server. The IEEE Communications Society LISTSERV Administrator reserves the right to change names that do not conform to these requirements.


Please provide a title up to 50 characters in length. The title will be used in the mail header to identify e-mail as coming from the list.



State the Purpose of this mailing-list. The information you provide here will be used for the initial list INFO (information) file. As stated on the IEEE Policy, all IEEE Communications Society mailing list are required to have list info files.



Select the Entity that this list is associated with.


The list keywords control how your list operates. The information below is enough to create a basic list, but there are many more keywords available. Once the list has been created you can change or add keyword settings at any time to customize the list to your specific needs. For complete details of all the keywords and examples of their use, please see the List Keyword Reference for LISTSERV.



The Subscription keyword controls how new subscriptions are handled.

OPEN - anyone may subscribe to the list
BY OWNER - subscription requests are forwarded to the list owner for approval
CLOSED - subscription requests are ignored by LISTSERV; only the list owner may add subscribers



The Send keyword controls who may post messages to the list.

PUBLIC - anyone may post to the list. Requires confirmation from non-list members
PRIVATE - only the list members can post to the list.
OWNER - only the list owner may post to the list
EDITOR - anyone may be forwarded on to the entire list (Moderated List). Please enter the editor's e-mail address (required):



The Notify keyword defines if new subscriptions or unsubscribe notifications should be sent to the list owner.

No - list owner is not to be notified.
Yes - list owner is notified



The Ack stands for "acknowledgement." If Ack=Yes, then every time someone posts to the list, a short message to the poster indicating that the message was successfully distributed is sent. If Ack=No, then the sender will only be notified if the posting fails.

No - distribution confirmation will not be sent.
Yes - sends a distribution notification to senders



The Service keyword defines the area from which subscription requests are accepted.

PUBLIC - users anywhere can subscribe to the list
IEEE Communications Society Staff - for internal use; only users with "" addresses can subscribe



The Reply-To keyword defines where replies to a posted message will be sent back to.

LIST - replies are sent back to everybody on the list
SENDER - replies are sent back to the sender only



The Review keyword controls who is allowed to retrieve the e-mail addresses and names of the persons subscribed to the list by sending a REVIEW command to LISTSERV.

PUBLIC - anyone may retrieve the subscriber information (not recommended)
PRIVATE - only list members may retrieve the subscriber information
OWNER - only the owner may retrieve subscriber information



The Confidential keyword determines whether or not an entry for your list will appear in CataList, a directory of all public LISTSERV lists. In addition, if postings to your list are archived in a public notebook (see the Notebook keyword below) the Confidential keyword controls whether or not your list appears on the IEEE Communications Society archive index web page (lists with Private notebooks never appear on the IEEE Communications Society archive index web page, regardless of the Confidential keyword setting).

NO - the list WILL appear in CataList and on the IEEE Communications Society archive index web page if you choose a "Public" notebook below
YES - the list will NOT appear in CataList or on the IEEE Communications Society archive index web page



The Notebook keyword determines whether or not a permanent archive of every message sent to the list is kept, and who is allowed to retrieve the archive by sending a GET command to LISTSERV. A link to the list's archive will appear on the IEEE Communications Society archive index web page if the Notebook keyword is set to "Public" and the Confidential keyword is set to "No."

PUBLIC - create an archive that anyone may retrieve
PRIVATE - create an archive that only list members may retrieve
NO - do not create an archive

Please review the form to make sure everything is correct, then click the "Submit Request" button below.

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